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Welcome to our ongoing CRC Share Night

Monday, May 30,   7-9pm.

Lynne Jenkins: Introduction to doTerra essential oils for the Reiki

Practitioner.  http://www.mydoterra.com/lynnejenkins

Where: Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre



Saturday June 4th: Holistic Family Retreat

On Saturday, June 4 from 9am to 4pm we will be hosting a retreat for all ages, our Family Retreat.  Singles, couples and families are all welcome to enjoy a day of cooperative play; yoga with uplifting music/movement; a delicious healthy lunch and snacks with recipes to try at home; learning to recognize and collect safe herbs for eating and remedies (we'll make some you can take with you); joining together for simple and fun healing tools; and time to relax in nature.

We need your RSVP by this Friday, May 27 in order to plan menus, buy food and organize staff.  Please call Ellie at 613-839-1198 or email her at info@ecowellness.com if you want to come.

For more Info...

This retreat is sponsored by our charity, Carp Ridge Learning Centre, and is free of charge unless you would like to make an optional donation.

Looking forward to welcoming you to a nourishing day!

Katherine Willow N.D., Host


Carp Healing Circles

Carp Healing Circles Poster (PDF)

Limited to 50 People    ◊    By Donation    ◊    Healthy Snacks

Carp Healing Circles PosterThis year's Carp Healing Circles aim to familiarize our local community with the concept of emotional healing, a practice as important as eating a good diet, exercising and getting adequate sleep.  We will show how unresolved emotional trauma affects us in:

  • our ability to develop healthy habits and stick with them;

  • the way we are able to attract and maintain good relationships;

  • how we can find our life's purpose and satisfying work;

  • the types of diseases we develop; and

  • how we feel about ourselves.

Carp Memorial Hall 434 Donald B. Munro Dr. Carp, ON K0A 1L0

RSVP by one week before:
Phone: 613-839-1198 ext. 221 Mon-Fri
E-mail: Lori @ ecowellness.com


September 20, 2015 - Lifestyle Basics: Exercise, Sleep, Food and Sharing
by Katherine Willow

October 18, 2015 - Reiki & Energy Work
by Sylvia McGee , BPsych, OCT Ret’d, Reiki Master, CRC
Sylvia's Bio


November 15, 2015 - Health Benefits of Meditation, Mindful Living and Good Breathing
by Kaia Nightingale

Kaia's Bio

December 6, 2015 - Journey Work
by Sandy Rawson, Life Coach and Healing Guide

Sandy's Bio

January 17, 2016 - Healing Through Yoga
by Teacher from Yoga and Tea

February 14, 2016 - Supportive Techniques for Stressed Youth
by Maureen Sullivan, Children’s Counsellor

March 6, 2016 - Stress Management with Naturopathic Medicine
by Marcin Padlewski, ND, RAIC

April 17, 2016 - Healing Trauma
by Mary Ann Carmichael, MSW

May 15, 2016 - Understanding Emotion and Illness to Become Well!
by Patricia Wall, The Holistic Missile, Intuitive Guide on Wisdom Weekly Radio

June 19, 2016 - Relaxation with Music
by Kaia Nightingale, Spiritual Musician


Pet Resource Bank (allows people in financial difficulties to keep their pets) - petresourcebankottawa.com


Past Events and Classes


World Peace Card Meditation: Wednesday, October 21,   7:30pm

Shred-It Day fundraiser by the Arnprior-Braeside-McNab Seniors at Home on July 25th at 106 McGonigal St. West in Arnprior from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.

Cost is $8.00 per banker's box (roughly the equivalent of 2 grocery bags) for secure shredding by "Shred-It" Ottawa.
It's a chance to clear out clutter and old files that are no longer needed.
For more info call Liz Wall at 613-623-7981



Doug McKinlay, a member of the CRLC Board of Directors, found out that a recent fundraiser for little Liam McKnight fell short of its fundraising goal.

In response, CRLC is supporting Doug's effort to make up for the shortfall by organizing an impromptu concert by the "Red Dirt Skinners", who are currently touring Canada and are award-winning performers of a unique brand of blues.

Admission is by donation only and refreshments will also be available.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see two very popular artists perform in a unique, non-commercial setting! Almost like having a mini-bluesfest right in our own backyard! Doug's property is an idyllic spot located between Dunrobin, Buckham's Bay and Constance Bay - we hope you can join us!

NOTE: Space is limited therefore you must contact us to reserve a spot - 

Arnprior McNab Senior's Breakfast Talk

Aging Gracefully…

A Talk at Galilee Centre by Katherine Willow N.D., Mar 25/15

Main issues in aging are digestive insufficiency, glandular fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, toxic build-up, unresolved emotional traumas and limiting beliefs.  Fortunately there are simple lifestyle habits, supplements and techniques that we can use to “turn back time”!

The two factors for successful aging across all ages and cultures are exercise and purpose

Supporting digestion:

·         Moderate quantities of healthy, easily digestible food (cooked, spiced, adequate  healthy fats)

·         Limit liquids with meals to ½ cup herbal tea or room temperature water (can add lemon)

·         Chew well and eat when relaxed

·         Give the stomach breaks once in a while to recharge

·         Supplements: digestive enzymes after meals

·         Gentle movement after meals

Supporting glands, our endocrine system:

·         Stress management

·         Adequate sleep, especially before midnight

·         Avoid stimulants like caffeine and excess salt and sugar

·         Avoid over-exercising

·         Supplements:

a)      Adrenal: adrenal gland extracts, B vitamins

b)      Thyroid: seaweed extract, Armour thyroid (by prescription), ND complexes (by advice of a naturopathic doctor)

c)       Reproductive glands: extracts; herbs (need advice); homeopathic remedies (advice)

Supporting our nutritional status:

·         Supplements: good multi (Progressive); vitamin D 1-5000 IU’s; B12 (check blood)

·         Hair analysis to check trace mineral status and absorption

·         Nutrichem pharmacy for blood tests and appropriate supplements

·         High density food supplements: green powder mixes, nutritional yeast, fermented foods (sauerkraut, miso, kimchee), protein shakes, fish oil capsules

Supporting our detoxification:

·         Be aware of worst culprits (dirty dozen)

·         Seasonal cleanses

·         Morning lemon water and enough pure water over the day

·         Exercise—aerobic/rebounding

·         Balance heavy foods with vegetables and moderate fruit; decrease wheat, dairy and meat

·         Hair analysis to detect heavy metals

·         Supplements: bentonite clay (1T), psyllium husks (1t) in 8 oz water ½ hour before breakfast; milk thistle (need to watch drug interactions); Carduusplex (homeopathic milk thistle—very safe, 5 drops before meals)

Supporting emotional healing:

·         Talk things out before they lodge in the body

·         Mindfulness meditation

·         EMDR therapy for anxiety, depression and trauma

·         Exercise

·         Yoga

·         Supplements: lithium trace mineral, protein shakes, fish oil, St Johnswort for depression (watch out interactions with blood thinners), Rescue Remedy (safe for anyone of all ages; available in health food stores along with other Bach Remedies)

Supporting a strong mind and belief system:

·         Journaling

·         Therapy—cognitive

·         Studying scripture; prayer and meditation

·         Memorizing things, puzzles, engagement

·         Exercise

·         Supplements: fish oils, trace minerals, gingko herb (with advice), many other supplements


Local health food stores and naturopathic doctors (www.oand.org for referrals)

www.supplementsplus.ca and www.ecowellness.com for supplements online

www.mercola.com for regular newsletters/information

Books: Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra to identify and live for your body type

Staying Healthy through the Seasons by Elston Haas for seasonal cleansing and more

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, a cookbook with astounding information

Mindfulness Starts Here by L. Monteiro and F. Musten, local meditation teachers

The UV Advantage by M Holick, a book for everyone who lives in Canada!

Stretch your way back to Health!

PDF Poster

http://carpridgelearningcentre.ca/Stretch.jpgBy Jacqui Ehninger-Cuervo
Feeling stiff and achy?
Can't reach your feet to put socks on them?
Now's the time to do something about it!
The Carp Ridge Learning Centre (CRLC) has the solution for you!
I'm an active, mid-fifty year old who often spends hours a day working on our hobby farm.  Plus I even exercise a couple of times a week. You'd think that I'd be in great health. However, when it comes to my flexibility, I just had a wake up call. Like many of us, I had fallen off the fitness wagon. After all, I was getting enough exercise - or so I thought. As it turns out, it wasn't the right kind of exercise.
I was missing the daily stretching that would ensure my flexibility. My recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis has made me realize the importance of flexibility exercises: Far too many of our seniors end up with walkers and wheelchairs. I don't want to join their ranks, and I'm sure, neither do you.
Whether you're retired, do physical labour, or are a desk jockey, everyone benefits from regular stretching exercises. It's easy to get a membership and then turn it into a charitable donation to your local gym; you go once or twice and then spend the remainder of the year feeling guilty.
But, there's a better way!
http://carpridgelearningcentre.ca/pdf/Stretching_Poster.jpgJoin me and other local residents on our journey back to fitness and flexibility by signing up for an Introductory Stretching & Flexibility class at the Carp Ridge Learning Centre (CRLC)!
What better time to do this, now that the worst of the deep freeze is behind us and spring is just around the corner?
Introductory sessions will be offered on 3 consecutive Saturday afternoons in March
Date: March 14, 21 and 28
Location: Carp Ridge Learning Centre: 2386 Thomas A. Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0.
Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm and attendees are invited to stay for some light refreshments, Q&A and socializing afterwards.
Your instructor has over 15 years of experience in personal training and fitness and has worked with people at all levels.
Cost: $15.00 per session or $36.00 for all three sessions. Discounts are available to anyone on special government assistance (for example, someone on ODSP or GIS would only pay $5.00 per class or $10.00 for all three sessions).
Please note: Space is limited to maximum 10 participants per class – please register early.
Registration: Lori @ ecowellness.com or 613-839-1198. After hours registration, Friday March 13 - Saturday March 14, please call Jacqui at 613-883-0649.
Online registration coming soon.
***Carp Ridge Learning Centre reserves the right to cancel due to lack of registration. In that event, you will be notified and will receive a full refund.***